Posted on: December 14, 2008 12:34 pm

NCAA Football Tragedy

Towards the end of August, I sit down grab a cold beer and watch the NCAA preview shows. It is at this time I start to make my predictions, after all the reading of the mags and all the previews we think we know what is going to happen through the year. After all was said and done I had made my picks and thought they were good (turned out they were just as good as any other year)

National Champ USC

Opponent Clemson

Heisman Moreno

Now as I watched through the season I watched as my picks went bye bye with loss after loss

Clemson losing to Alabama, USC to Oregon St, and Georgia fell apart. It is what happens every year, actually I think Vegas should have a contest to see if someone can hit all three I do not think it would be done.

We saw a lot of great games and a lot of great plays and I am not just talking about the Big XII but they certainly stole the show. (I will be giving my top 20 games of the year next week) We saw new coaches show up and old coaches end tenures. I was a great football season.

But here is where I have finally felt abandoned by my fav sport.

In three decisions college football broke my heart.

First leaving Texas out of the BigXII Championship game. Texas not only tied for the BigXII south but beat Oklahoma in the Red River shootout. The BCS committee tells us that if they interject a playoff system that the regular season would not matter, In this case it did not matter anyway because even though Texas beat Oklahoma they did not finish ahead of that team. People will argue that Texas Tech should be considered then, NO I love what Mike Leach has been able to do in Lubbock but you can not lose a game 65-21 and expect to be seriously considered for any kind of championship sorry but it is that simple.

Second giving me a USC, Penn St. Rose bowl, I wanted and I am sure every other college football fan wanted to see USC-Texas game. No knock on Penn St. but the weak Big 10 does not help case for the Lions. (I know that the Pac-10 may be weaker) the USC Defense and there ability to put up point combine those two factors and USC is head and shoulder above any Big 10 team you put on the field look at the match up of USC-Oho State game. This should no longer happen the Rose bowl should be free to pick from any conference.

Third The Heisman is turning into (if not already) the biggest joke in all sports. How can you sit there and only bring three players to New York. I understand that they were probably the best three players in the country and they deserved it no doubt. But how can you sit there and say that a team that meant so much to this college football season and had two players that you could consider as the best tandem in football not just college (Harrell, Crabtree) but all football. Neither one of them get an invite to New York, are you kidding me. I know that they would not win nor in my opinion should not win, but invite three QBs and leave the only other one that was great this year out makes no sense. What could it really have hurt to invite this kid to New York to enjoy the festivities and experience that having a great season is supposed to provide. This was a tragedy for the fans, Harrell and college football. May we try to do better next year and actually use our minds and hearts instead of computers and money.


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